Presentation & Speaking Coach

Elizabeth Woods


Elizabeth has successfully consulted to GHD over the past two years with outstanding success. Her clients have been highly motivated to step outside their comfort zones to reach a higher skill level in respect to public speaking. Through one-on-one coaching, Elizabeth provides practical advice and 'a touch of magic'.

Kirstyn Buhagiar

Acting People Manager

GHD International Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Sciences consulting firm


I found Elizabeth's wide-ranging experience, advice and patience to be extremely helpful. From being a nervous and reluctant public speaker, in a relatively short time I had great success in delivering a number of speeches confidently to audiences exceeding 120, entirely thanks to her one-on-one coaching. Many thanks!

Gavin Chater

Property & Buildings

GHD International Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Sciences consulting firm


Last year we engaged Elizabeth Woods to assist in briefing presenters on presentation skills for our Sound Education product range. She has made a difference to the quality of the presentations by lawyers and accountants as a result. Since the briefings commenced, there has been a significant improvement in the overall standard of presentations on Sound Education.

Robert Clemente

Chief Executive, Television Education Network Pty Ltd

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Over the past 10 years I have presented at many seminars and conferences. The audiences have ranged in size from 30 to more than 150 people and in seniority from operational to executive level. On almost every occasion I have felt that it could have gone better.

The coaching sessions from Elizabeth Woods reinforced the fact that the quality of any presentation is half content and half delivery. Whilst the content I provide is usually compelling, I realised the importance of slowing down the delivery and good voice projection. Advice on a striking beginning for the presentation was also invaluable. Elizabeth commented on details which I would not have previously considered important.

The relaxation and vocal warm-up techniques I learned during the session clearly helped my ability to be convincing and confident, and calmed my nerves. Reassurance from Elizabeth that I already did certain things naturally and well, increased my confidence for this, and future presentations.

I’ll certainly be using Elizabeth to assist me to prepare for my next presentation.

Craig Aunger

Principal, Pinpoint HRM a 2010 & 2011 BRW Fast 100 company

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My role and activities incorporate weekly radio and television programs, golf instructional seminars to large groups and individuals, corporate speaking engagements, golf tours and international professional training courses. Elizabeth Woods has undoubtedly made a lasting and permanent improvement to all areas of my activities. I now have the knowledge and self-evaluation skills to successfully deliver my message clearly and concisely to any audience I require.

I would strongly recommend anyone that presents regularly to people as part of their profession to engage Elizabeth Woods to design a specific program for them. In fact all of my colleagues and friends that I have recommended to Elizabeth cannot thank me enough for doing so.

Steve Khatib

Radio Presenter Sport 927AM & Sky Sports Radio

Co-Host Golf Zone TV/Director Golf Dynamics


Elizabeth’s work with our students and staff has made an enormous difference to the way in which they speak and present in public. Elizabeth has worked on aspects of content, diction, tone of voice, tempo of delivery and volume. All these aspects have shown remarkable improvement and both students and staff have gratefully taken on board the sound advice offered. Moreover, the confidence demonstrated by our speakers has reached a new level making an impact on the general speaking culture of the school. I highly recommend Elizabeth’s work. She is an extremely understanding and skilled coach.

Rick Tudor

Principal, Trinity Grammar School

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To bolster our student leaders’ public speaking skills as they began their roles, Elizabeth was welcomed to our school as a presentation and speaking coach by a broad range of our senior students. Not only were our students given helpful, practical experience but they also enjoyed the sessions. Most importantly, they have been able to deliver their public addresses with greater polish and confidence.

We would welcome Elizabeth back to offer this important assistance to future school leaders as it is an integral part of their leadership skills and our present leaders have clearly benefitted.

Rodger Klopak

Year 12 Co-ordinator/Leadership Co-ordinator, Ballarat Grammar


We were fortunate to have Elizabeth Woods working with us this year. She led our students in how to speak with conviction and passion in both presentation and style. The sessions were wonderfully well received, and a number of the students have asked to see Elizabeth for subsequent individual sessions.

Both my colleagues and I found Elizabeth to be an exemplary teacher: warm and friendly in her approach, inspiring and encouraging, and involving the students in all that happened in the classroom. She is an excellent teacher, and I would warmly recommend her to any institutions where public speaking is an important component of the course.

Rev Dr Dorothy A Lee

Dean, Trinity College Theological School

MCD University of Divinity

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The coaching session with Elizabeth was very helpful for delivering the presentation in an appropriate way. I liked the teaching method that Elizabeth used: it was professional, friendly, and interactive. After the coaching, I noticed my speech had improved, especially in controlling the rhythm, inflection and pronunciation. It greatly improved my confidence as well.

Dr Xiaotao Hao

Research Fellow, Chemical Physics, University of Melbourne