Presentation & Speaking Coach

Elizabeth Woods

My key principles when working with clients are:

  • building skills relating to voice projection, pace and articulation
  • structuring the presentation appropriately
  • using effective speaking techniques for optimum results


Organisation of sessions
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Public speaking workshops — developing leadership qualities
  • Importance of public speaking
  • Your credibility as a leader
  • Great world speeches
  • Outstanding speakers on the world/local stage
  • Content development
  • How to engage your audience
  • Importance of both content and presentation
  • Elements of a boring/interesting speech?
  • Techniques
  • Preparation: vocal warm-ups, relaxation
  • Voice projection, pace, articulation
  • Microphone technique
  • Five good speaking techniques
  • Confidence — the essential ingredient
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Public speaking workshops — general
  • We have all been at university/school events where we couldn’t hear all of the presentation. It’s frustrating and annoying.
  • If your students lack confidence when speaking in public, or do not speak clearly and effectively, I can provide workshops to improve their presentation skills. Such events could include:
  • university presentations
  • theological presentations
  • school or house chapel services including end-of-year carols
  • speech nights, house/sports dinners, orientation events
  • oral requirements for VCE subjects
  • important university/school occasions
  • Through focused coaching sessions, the quality of university/school occasions, and the impression students make on their community, can be vastly improved. The skills that students gain will be valuable in their careers and give them the competitive edge when applying for jobs/courses and attending interviews.