Presentation & Speaking Coach

Elizabeth Woods

My key principles when working with clients are:

  • building skills relating to voice projection, pace and articulation
  • structuring the presentation appropriately
  • using effective speaking techniques for optimum results


How to deliver winning presentations

Understanding that my clients are in a time-poor environment, I provide tailored advice that maximises the value of the session.

I give clients an opportunity to fully rehearse their presentation, and I critically assess its content and presentation style. To reach a higher level of skill and professionalism, I encourage clients to step outside their comfort zone. The combination of practice plus coaching is particularly effective.

I focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the content, and the appropriateness and relevance of the delivery style.

If needed, I can attend the actual presentation to provide real-time critiquing. Many clients appreciate this additional service, as I can suggest strategies for improvement, while reinforcing those aspects of the presentation which the client does naturally and well.